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The Mystery of Attic Cleaning - Insulation Removal

While attic cleaning and insulation removal is not exactly one of the great mysteries of the world, how does one go about it in an orderly and efficient manner?

First thought: You enlist a couple of small, short, stout, agile people, lots of plastic bags, brooms and shovels. That's one dangerous way to get the job done: you could contaminate your home and easily have an accident walking on fragile ceilings in unfamiliar tricky roof spaces.

Thankfully, there's a better, faster and safer way to get the job done!

Attic suckers attic cleaning and insulation removal service uses a STATE OF THE ART VACUUM SYSTEM that removes insulation the safe way.

Attic suckers removes loose cellulose fibre insulation (commonly known as paper).

Attic suckers removes loose Rock wool & loose fibre glass insulation.

Attic suckers removes fibreglass batts, urea formaldehyde or any other type of insulation.

Vacuuming of loose insulation - Before & After
Before... After!

Disposal of insulation.

There are many reasons you may want to remove and dispose of your old insulation.

  1. You may have insulation in your roof space which you may find has become less effective or useless.
  2. Your home has excessive dust and you or a family member suffer from allergies.
  3. You may have vents or opening such as bathroom fans, downlights and wall vents through which dust particles can enter your home.

There were several types of insulation available. The most common are Fiberglass batts,  formaldehyde batts. Blown in loose cellulose fibre, loose rockwool, and loose fibreglass. 

We at Attic Suckers can remove and dispose of insulation products in a clean safe and professional manner  within the strict guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency.


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