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Ceiling Vacuuming &
Lead in Ceiling Dust


Lead and your health

Because lead is cheap and useful, it is found in many products and places in the environment.

Lead can affect anybody, but children under the age of nine and pregnant woman are at most risk. Lead can affect children by causing learning and attention problems, hearing loss, slowed growth and behavior problems. Lead can affect pregnant woman, due to changes in their bodies during pregnancy. There is also no barrier to lead in the placenta, and therefore no protection for the unborn child from lead in the mothers' blood.

Lead can affect normal adults too. Low levels of exposure can cause joint and muscle pain, high blood pressure and infertility. Higher levels can cause memory loss nerve problems and, at very high levels, fits.

Lead gets into our bodies when we breathe in lead dust and fumes in air, or we eat food or drink water that contains lead. Children can rapidly pick up lead through normal hand-to-mouth activity; Small amounts can gradually build up in the body and cause problems.

Where does lead dust come from?

Many older Australian homes and buildings have lead dust in their ceiling cavities, in wall cavities and under the floor. This dust has built up over many years from many sources, including renovations in your home to nearby industrial pollution, exhaust from cars using leaded petrol, and fumes from burning wood or coal. The breakdown of old paint is an important source of dust in pre 1970 houses.

How dust can contaminate your house.

Dust can enter the house over many years, the dust gets into your roof space by the pollution sitting on your roof entering through gaps, through your roof tiles and tin roof. You may have vents or opening such as bathroom fans, downlights, vents through your walls where dust particles can enter your home.

Some home maintenance or renovation activities may disturb dust and increase the risk of contaminating your living areas. These include:

  • Demolishing ceilings or cavity walls.
  • Adding a second story extension
  • Putting in an attic ladder or skylight.
  • Installing insulation or new electrical wiring.
  • Working in the ceiling cavity for any reason.

Black trails of dust near cracks or cornices are trouble signs. Decorative ceiling  roses with air vents can also let dust in. Water damage may cause ceiling to crack or collapse.

When should lead dust be removed from your house.

Lead dust should be removed if your house is pre 1970's, you are renovating having a new roof or ceiling put in. If you have openings such as wall and air conditioning vents, if you have ceiling roses, or installing downlights, if you have ceiling and cornices that are starting to crack, where fine dust can enter your home. Lead Dust Removal is also advisable when installing insulation or new electrical wiring or working in the ceiling cavity for any reason.

Do it yourself ceiling dust removal is not recommended - it's dirty and dangerous and requires special equipment. Hire an Attic Suckers professional.


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